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  • Fully synthetic, biologically inert 
  • High transparency enables optimal positioning of nerve ends
  • Mechanical properties retain up to 10 weeks
  • Retains its form to prevent kinking and collapse



  • The thin-wall version of our unique transparent NEUROLAC® nerve tube concept.
  • Has a wall thickness that is 40% less than the current NEUROLAC® conduits, making it even easier to suture.
  • Offers high flexibility, easy and comfortable suturing.



2. Bertleff M, Meek M, Nicolai J; A Prospective Clinical Evaluation of Biodegradable Neurolac Nerve Guides for Sensory Nerve Repair in the Hand, The Journal of Hand Surgery, May 2005, Vol 30A/No. 3,513-518.

Clinical Studies References

NEUROLAC® is a synthetic, bioresorbable and transparent nerve conduit.  

NEUROLAC® facilitates nerve regeneration after transection of peripheral nerves and improves nerve functional recovery.

synthetic, transparent, flexible

Peripheral nerve repair solutions

In a randomized, multi-center study comparing NEUROLAC® to end-to-end repair and autologous grafting it was proven that NEUROLAC® was safe and suitable for the repair of transected peripheral nerves on the hand.​2